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Mathematical and Physical Basis of Medical Biophysics



Általános információk

Elective course (lectures only)

1 credit

The course will be held in the Szent-Györgyi lecture hall during the first four Mondays (19:30 - 20:50) and Fridays (16:10 - 17:30) of the semester. 

Important: passing the closing test from the course material is mandatory for all medical students. Passing the test is a requirement for obtaining a signature in Medical Biophysics I. 

Therefore, we recommend it to every student to attend this course, as it will help in preparing for the mandatory test and for studies in Medical Biophysics.

Closing test of the course: October 9  19:30. Location to be anounced later.



1 Mathematics necessary for understanding biophysical laws. (Gergely Agócs) 2017.09.11. pdf   xls   pdf   pdf   xls  
2 Physical quantities and units. Kinematics – physics of motion (Gergely Agócs) 2017.09.15. pdf   pdf  
3 Statics – changes of shape, forces, mechanical stress, pressure (Judit Somkuti) 2017.09.18. pdf  
4 Dynamics – work, energy (Gergely Agócs) 2017.09.22. pdf  
5 Fluid mechanics, Oscillations (Zsolt Mártonfalvi) 2017.09.25. pdf  
6 Waves, Thermodynamics (Zsolt Mártonfalvi) 2017.09.29. ppt   pdf  
7 Electricity – charges in rest and in motion (Tamás Bozó) 2017.10.02.  
8 Magnetism, magnetic induction (Rita Galántai) 2017.10.06. pdf  



The test, that is compulsory for all EM students irrespectively of registration to the course will be on Oct. 9 (Monday) at 19:30 according to the following:
Szent-Györgyi lecture hall: groups 3, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15
Hevesy lecture hall: groups 1, 2, 4, 9
Békésy lecture hall: groups 5, 6, 8, 13.

Retake: Oct. 27 (Friday) at 16:10 in Szent-Györgyi lecture hall

retake results:

The second (last) retake will be on Nov. 21 (Tuesday) at 18:15 in Hevesy lecture hall.
Second retake results: http://biofiz.semmelweis.hu/upload/file/alap_pot_en_2017_3.pdf