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Teaching assistant work



Általános információk


Application form: https://forms.gle/FhTHDtCtFfnvAubg6

Deadline of application is the last day of the exam period. (2022. July 1.)

Requirements to become a TA in Biophysics

  1. You must be at least in the second year.
  2. Your total average grade of the previous semester must be at least 3.51.
  3. Your have completed all the compulsory courses according to your active semesters. 
  4. Your final grade in Biophysics must be 5 (in some exceptional cases 4).
  5. As a TA you must act in a professional manner.


Tasks of a TA

  • Preparing the lab equipment for measurements.
  • Helping the instructor’s work during lab practices.
  • Supervising the students during lab tasks.
  • Assisting the lecturers (if required).
  • Assisting the teachers in organizing the midterms and competitions.


Rules for TAs

  1. Only one TA will be allowed to work in each group.
  2. Changing groups during the semester will not be permitted.
  3. A maximum of 3 absences will be allowed. If volunteered for supervising midterms, 4 absences will be allowed.


Requirements for the credit

  1. No more than the allowed absences.
  2. Active participation during the labs (as decided by the instructor).