The following images and photographs highlight the flavor of life in and around my group and family.
Actin the 續Thinker蘗, scanning TIRF image
Annual winter outing, Vill迸y Sculpture Park, 2007
Laci the magician, Nanobiotechnology Mini-symposium, 2005
Veszpr姓, Hungary, 2005
Pancreas carcinoma cells, rhodamine-phalloidin labeling, TIRF-AFM image
Annual hike to Mount Zeng, 2006
Cytoskeleton of detergent-treated HeLa cell, AFM image
Veszpr姓, Hungary, 2005
HeLa cells, AFM image
BBQ following hike to Mount Zeng, 2005
Outdoors arts lecture, Pasquale, 2007
Annual Vinery Tour, Mayer Cellar, 2006
Blanka, Anna, Zolt迸, Bern配 and Dalma, 2005
Group Thanksgiving dinner and duck slaughter, 2006
Vill迸y Sculpture Park and ethanol test, 2006
Hark迸y hot springs and swim competition, 2006
Family in Hosszhet姊y, 2006
Before the Big Escape, Attila and Dorzsi, Zeng Hike, 2004
In the network of amyloid...
Breathing life into torso, Vill迸y Sculpture Park, 2007
Residence in Hosszhet姊y, 2007
Cathedral of our beautiful home town, P妾s, 2007
Bacterial flagellum, AFM image
On Cathedral Square, Anna, Gyngyi, Dalma, 2007
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